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Creativebug - free online classes and tutorials in art and crafts

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Your own home.

Witherle Library and the Castine Arts Association are proud to add Creativebug to our collection of digital resources. Creativebug is a free all-access pass to expertly-led tutorials with a wide range of subjects to include: Arts & Crafts, Sewing, Knitting, and Printmaking. All you need is your library card number, and you’re free to explore the over 1000 classes Creativebug offers ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced. Check out Creativebug from the comfort of your home.

If you need a library card, please call the library at 207-326-4375

To get started, we are proposing a drawing project that will be fun to do. The only cost will be what you purchase for materials, pencils, and paints. Simply click on this link which will take you to the Witherle Library "digital services" page. Click on the Creativebug button and enter your library card number. (You only need to do this one time). Once in Creativebug, enter the following in the search bar:“Daily Observations: Drawing Objects from Life.” to locate the class. You are now on the page for the class with instructor Mou Saha. Begin at the menu at the bottom of the image under 'chapters'.

When you have completed your drawing or painting, just take a photo and send it as an attachment to info@castinearts.org. We will assemble a gallery of work for all to see. If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s fine. Just let us know.

So let's do this for the next month. If you have any questions please reply to this email.

So. time to get creative and give it a try. And have fun!

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